Piotr Borowiec

Hello there! I’m a proud graduate of Poznan University of Economics and a seasoned business professional with 20 years of experience in diverse fields, including business development, management, blockchain, IT, marketing, sales, customer service, and international markets.

Since 2019, I’ve devoted myself to the world of web3 as a full-time builder and consultant, driven by a passion for combining innovative technologies with traditional, proven business development strategies. My life mission is to be an educator, and I’m committed to making a difference by integrating decentralized solutions like DeFi and NFTs into our lives and businesses.

Personally, I’m an early riser, and love to get up before 5 am to seize the day. I enjoy taking on challenges, continuously learning, and striving to be better with each passing day. After all, we only have one life to live, supposedly, so why not make the most of it? To find out more about my current business endeavors, please visit the projects page. I look forward to collaborating and making a difference together!