Case Study: Eco Rico

Optimization of the Order Collection Process


Eco Rico is a company specializing in vegan catering, handling numerous client orders on a weekly basis. The company faced challenges in gathering all orders and calculating the quantities of cooked dishes in liters and kilograms. These calculations were done manually, leading to occasional errors. 

Challenges Before Implementation

✖️ Order Collection and Summarization: Handling multiple orders weekly and manually collecting data was time-consuming and prone to errors.

✖️ Organization and Preparation for Cooking: Determining the quantities of required ingredients and dishes required significant time and effort.


✔️ Implementation of the AI application to optimize processes related to order acceptance and organization.


★ AI Application Configuration: We configured the AI application to integrate with an existing Excel spreadsheet used for collecting order data.


★ Data Transfer Automation: When a client placed an order, the AI application automatically transferred the data to the appropriate tabs in the Excel spreadsheet.


★Formula Application: Through appropriate formulas in the spreadsheet, orders were automatically transferred to the respective tables, where the quantities of required cooking ingredients were summed up.


★ Process Optimization: The process of order collection and kitchen preparation became significantly more efficient and streamlined.

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♦︎ Time Savings: Process automation saved several hours of work weekly by eliminating manual data collection and processing.

♦︎ Error Reduction: Eliminating manual actions reduced the risk of errors in data collection and processing.

♦︎ Resource Optimization: With process automation, human resources could be reallocated to other, more strategic tasks.


By implementing the AI application, Eco Rico achieved a significant improvement in the efficiency of the order collection and processing process, resulting in time savings and error reduction, which are crucial for the company's success in the competitive catering environment.

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