Cryptonary: Bitcoin


Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of Bitcoin described it as ‘A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’. 

You can look at Bitcoin as your personal Superman of money:

  • He is always there for you: the ATM or the bank can run out of money but you can always access your Bitcoin
  • No one can influence him: If you send it to someone you can be sure it will get there, no one can stop your transfer 
  • He is honest and transparent: contrary to what mainstream media say Bitcoin is easy to track and anyone can see the whole history of transactions
  • He can fly to anywhere in the world, in minutes: Yes! You can send Bitcoin to anywhere in the world and it will get there in minutes
  • He will listen to anyone, with no exceptions: Bitcoin does not discriminate, anyone can use it without asking for permission

The only difference between Bitcoin and Superman is that Bitcoin doesn’t have its kryptonite, crypto is actually its strength. Bitcoin is a way to record transactions without the need for an overseer (like a bank). It is a secure, digital network, supported by cryptography and thousands of computers that keep the record of all the balances and transfers.

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