Day 13 – The Cave


Another big discovery! 

Today, while cleaning our water tank we discovered a huge gallery cave in the water deposit. It goes all the way under a big mountain and that means a lot of clean, spring water! A lot, I mean a lot: 50000 liters 🙂

We are already making it ready steady with pipes and reinforcements, as we need the water for building the house. The old roof doesn’t exist anymore and the whole thing seems super small and poor now.

The tractor has widened the gap behind the house and we are wondering whether it is necessary to dig out a laur tree on the corner or if we manage to adapt it to the structure.

Today an experienced electrician Señor Antonio came to evaluate the possibilities to connect with the energy supplier or rather stick 100% to solar energy. We will find out soon.

And I made it all the way up to the land on the bike, now I can say it is pretty high in the mountains 😉

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