Day 16 – The Stairs


Today was a busy day!  

We had a few visitors: the ex-owner of the land with his daughter and our closest neighbour, who we hadn’t known yet. We also met an 80 years old man who has a piece of land next to us, full of cactuses. He comes here every day from Las Palmas, the capital of the island, to take care of them, and to pick up its fruit in August. He told us some more details about the history of the house. His grandparents actually built one part of it and lived there for many years. 

We also got another surprise: Jose, the builders’ site manager, made long stairs on the entire slope from blocks of concrete as a gift for us! 

It only took him 4 hours. We’re super lucky to have such incredible guys working here with us..

The house is getting its indoor shape as well, with some of the interior walls being taken down. 

There is also an excavator on site, digging big holes in front of the house for the septic tank system. 

Yes, we will have our own, 100% ecological sewage treatment plant!

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