Day 25 – The Magic


Today was a very special day. 

Our good friend bought another friend along with singing bowls.

She played them for the house and for the land. Beautiful vibrations filled the future living room. This was a real magical moment.

What is more, our amazing crew from Organic Life Projects discovered another cave on the lower slope!!! A big one with a wooden animal feeder inside.

That’s a real treasure, as we will be able to enlarge it and even build a full small guesthouse inside.

You might not know but it is very common here on the Canary Islands to use caves as housing. Without any cooling or heating the temperature in a cave stays between 19 and 23 degrees celsius all year round.

We already had a chance to live in a cave house for more than 3 months and we loved it. Here are some pictures of the Hobbit-house we stayed in last year.

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