Day 30 – The Border


During the weekend we met with our neighbors to clarify the exact western border of our plot. What’s interesting is that 3/4 of our neighbors belong to one family that has lived in this area for several generations (this is very common for the Canary Islands). They are not too interested in looking at the maps attached to notarial deeds. They know better how the borders have always been, who has the right to which piece of land and what access rights each of us has.

We were afraid that the neighbor might prevent us from building a second large water reservoir on the lower part of the plot, as by the law, he has the right to access our land (in case his stone wall that borders our land needs some work) The plan for this additional tank is to collect all the water flowing down from the surrounding hills – there is a lot of it, especially in the winter.

We tried to focus on finding a win-win solution but it wasn’t that simple…  One of the neighbours approached the matter very emotionally, and at some point I just spread my hands in a gesture of surrender. To our luck, while talking to them it turned out that, just as they had the right to enter our area, we are also entitled to a steep path to their homes (which does not interest us at all).

After all, they ended up offering us to switch our passing rights, we could build against their stone wall and they will take the path that we did not want anyways. Success! I guess it helped that we already knew them a little, and had a chance to exchange some gifts beforehand 🙂

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