Day 35 – The Mailbox


The last few days have been really busy. Our water tank is now renovated and full of water (thanks to the help of one of the neighbors).

Now, as we can make concrete on site, we are working on covering the plumbing pipes in the house, and on our access road, which will be ready soon.

Also the walls of the house are slowly growing, especially where the shedding of the roof took a piece of the wall out.

The sewage treatment system is taking its final shape.

We have already installed a mailbox at the top of the road where the gate will be, and took out the first package today! Well, just a booklet about local summer festivals, but it was still an exciting event. A few days ago, the postman passed by and she was very happy that after 40 years someone would finally live on this beautiful land.

We’ve been also persistently working on the compost (6 large stands arranged in layers). Starting with the small branches, followed by the cane leaves (which we cut down from the slopes), and finished with the remains of organic food that we collect at home. Soon we will cover it all with plastic foil to speed up the miracle of composting.

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