Day 41 – The Living Organic System


Today we had a very interesting guest on the plot – Fernando, who knows most, if not all ecological and organic farmers and who has created great eco-consumer cooperatives on this island.

It took us over four hours to show him around, discuss the project and listen to his ideas, opinions and suggestions.

Not only has it been great for focusing the garden on specific fruits, vegetables, and sprouts (not available at the local eco market) and for Oscar’s company’s potential growth, but Fernando also helped us find potential buyers for lots around us who share the same values.

The latter would add a lot to the social part of our project: creating a like-minded community in this area. Fernando was impressed with the whole thing we are doing on the finca. He even called us pioneers on this island in the cultivation method – a regenerative recreation of a sub-tropical forest interspersed with permaculture flower beds.

Only today, after talking to Fernando, did we realize how genius Oscar’s setup is. We will create a living organic system in which the house, plants, animals, and elements work together.

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