How much money can you make with passive crypto?



Here’s the weekly summary of my profits. If you’re following me you should already know how important the profit taking is in this game.

Today (like every week) I am taking some money off the table 💰💰💰

Below you will find a big part of my passive crypto tools, but not all of them.

I excluded some, and only focused on the ones that I took profit from this week. Some of the tools that I use have a locking period, cannot be claimed right away or have not enough weekly income in comparison to high fees (on Ethereum network) needed to cash out.

If these tools are new to you, and you would like to learn more about creating passive income with cryptocurrencies make sure to leave a comment below and follow me on social media.

OK 😎

Here are the weekly profits from my passive crypto:

Number 1.


WHY: Strong, undervalued (even after almost 300% increase in the last 40 days) project that I’ve been following since their ICO in 2017. There are a lot of great things coming soon to the Divi ecosystem, including new, slick mobile wallet and DeFi integration with a wrapped Divi token (ERC20 standard). Divi coin has been experiencing steady and organic growth with no money spent on marketing. With all the news and the release of marketing budget and campaigns the future looks great for this project.

HOW MUCH: 28 rewards of 495 Divi = 13,860 DIVI

Divi’s price at the time of my profit taking was $0.077

Total weekly profit of $1,067 USD from Divi coin.

At the time of writing this project pays a little bit over 20% a year.

Below you can see Divi Network statistics.

HOW: Download Divi Desktop wallet from (mobile wallet coming out within months). Buy Divi on BITRUE or other exchanges (full list HERE). Deploy a masternode, enable staking or send your Divi to DiviGo Platform to enjoy over 20% yearly ROR.

Number 2.


WHY: An established project from the DeFi space with their own DEX and over $260 million locked up in liquidity. What I love about DFI is the steady and continuous growth of price and great rewards for providing liquidity.

HOW MUCH: 95.52 DFI in weekly rewards.

DFI price at the time of profit taking was $3.50.

Total weekly profit of: $334.32.

Below you can see all the available Liquidity Pools and their yearly return rates.

130% of yearly gains…

Not bad, not bad 🔥🔥🔥

HOW: Download DFI Desktop wallet from Buy DFI on BITRUE or other exchanges (full list HERE). Send your DFI to the wallet and add liquidity to one of their liquidity pools to enjoy gains of more than 100% a year!

Number 3.


WHY: A fairly new project with a lot of HYPE and a great community. The DuckDao platform is a launchpad that allows new projects to launch on, and take advantage of their expertise and access to investors. This project is a great example of how to build the tokenomics in a way that supports growth and price appreciation. By staking DUCK (their second token) or/and DDIM you might be able to participate in early investment rounds of new projects that historically had been VERY profitable 🚀🚀🚀

HOW MUCH: 425 DUCKs (rewards from last 2 weeks)

DUCK price at the time of profit taking was $1.87.

Total weekly profit of: $397.37.

HOW: Buy DDIM on Uniswap (you have to set up a Metamask wallet first). Provide liquidity on Uniswap for one of the 4 pools mentioned on their website — Stake your liquidity tokens on the same website to get rewarded in DUCK tokens.

🛑 A word of caution here! 🛑

Staking on DDIM platform should be only considered as a long term investment. When you take your money out, 50% of your liquidity (one whole side) will be burned (you will lose 50% of the tokens!). In order to make it work and be profitable you have to stake long enough so the rewards are significantly higher than the part of the tokens that will be burned at the time of unstaking. Make sure to educate yourself about staking on this platform before committing any money to it!

Number 4.


WHY: Yield Farming has been very profitable for me (and many others 😉). Binance Smart Chain (BSC), on the contrary to Ethereum, is very fast and cheap to use. If you keep some quality projects like Binance Coin (BNB) or Pancake Swap (CAKE) as a long term investment, you can easily make extra 300% (or more!) by putting them to work on one of many BSC earning platforms. Just be aware of the risks and make sure you’re OK with the centralisation of BSC (basically all the nodes supporting BSC belong to Binance, CZ and his friends).

HOW MUCH: 34.5 CAKE + 2.94 BUNNY

CAKE price = $9.65.

BUNNY price = $138.06.

Total weekly profit of: $332.92 + $405.89 = $738.81.

HOW: In order to use BSC first you have to connect your Metamask wallet to it. Here’s an article that explains it in detail

I also encourage you to read this article about BSC

After you are familiar with it, here’s a website that contains all the major BSC platforms Use it to pick the farms that suit your preferences best.

Usually to take advantage of these crazy gains you first have to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap Exchange, and then stake your liquidity tokens on one of the BSC farming platforms.

Below I pasted a screenshot of PancakeBunny Farm returns…

I know, I know…

These numbers look too good to be true 🤔🤔🤔

They are real though!

Just remember that the returns here might change fast, together with the price of the assets that the rewards are paid with.

After adding up all the gains from my passive crypto investments, including DIVI, DFI, DDIM and BNB/CAKE liquidity on PancakeBunny platform I ended up with a total profit of $2,537.50 USD for the week of March 10–16.

This translates to a daily profit of around ⚡$362 USD

Not bad at all, right? 😉

In the upcoming weeks I will be checking out some other passive income options, including some Degen Yield Farming Platforms 🤑🤑🤑

Stay tuned!

Also make sure to let me know if I am missing some other great passive earning opportunities and leave a comment if you want me to dive deeper into some of them.

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