Week 13 – We are already collecting our fresh veggies from the garden!


Due to our recent travel to Poland we haven’t written anything for a while so in this post we will be sharing with you a lot of news!

September’s community Sunday event was an absolutely perfect day – the gathering we organized for planting the veggies and trees went just perfect! Combined with a vegan BBQ and playing music it was a great time for everyone involved.. Most people asked about the next opportunity to come to the finca and do something similar, so they must have had fun. After such an amazing event we are already looking into having even a bigger one sometime in November.

It’s been a few weeks since then and we are already collecting our fresh veggies from the garden! Spinach, lettuce, basil, beetroots, some strawberries – all delicious, with much more to come very soon. Living off your own land has a magical feeling to it, and we feel blessed for this almost spiritual experience 🙂

We also finally got the water connection! It is done through the agricultural water system that we connect to through a wide pipe. The job to get it all installed involved getting through thick and stinging bushes, but nothing is impossible for our amazing crew.  

For now, to fill up the deposit, we have to call the ex-owner once every 6 weeks, so he can open the main valve for us. Hopefully it gets a little easier with time and we are able to have some automatisation in place.

During the last few weeks a lot has also changed in the house itself!

The roof is almost ready for the arrival of the main water resistant membrane, 300kg of an important part of the roof puzzle will be delivered and installed this week.

Our mezzanine bedroom deck and the stairs are almost ready and already look so beautiful! Wooden, curved, rustic and neat, just perfect. 

Both parts of the house are almost ready for the windows and doors to be installed. The walls are covered with a decent layer of COB and the guests’ apartment got its new walls and shape. Today the carpenter has already taken the measures of the windows and doors. Once that part is done, the only job left to do will be designing and finishing the interiors. 

During the last few weeks, as we worked around the house, 4 big laur trees got transplanted. Because of the new roof we had to move them from behind the house to the front garden. Keep your fingers crossed that they all survive so we can enjoy their shade for years to come.


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