Week 19 – Rain, roof and the bottles artwork


Time has been running faster than ever lately, and the house is finally taking its proper shape.

Unfortunately, because of the rain, we had to postpone the covering of the roof with the EPDM material and wait another week for the wood to dry completely. When the workers finally started, they discovered, to our big surprise, that the whole roof has around 350 square meters!!

Sincerely, we thought we were talking about 200 metres of the house plus the part behind. But with all the greenhouse extensions (together with the guest apartment) we will reach around 320 square metres. 

Amazing and funny that we have only realised it now.

At the moment we already have the entire roof covered with 3 layers of the membranes and we are starting to fill it up with soil. The higher part, where our bedroom is, is ready to plant. So exciting!

The guest apartment got new bathroom walls and the outer layer of the plaster. Only its living room and kitchen are missing the roof now. It will be very cosy and spacious.

The greenhouse living room has gained its shape too and now it is only waiting for the windows and doors.

The indoor living room got the first layer of wall paint and 2 big windows on the roof. Moreover we have started with the bottles artwork there, spending a few overtime hours with Jose, the executive chef of our construction. We are having fun doing that although the beginnings were very frustrating. We didn’t know how to cut the bottles, and our hands suffered a lot. Now we know the ways and tricks to do it efficiently and safely. I hope it will be beautiful and worth all the effort!

We also recently met with Fabiola, from whom we bought the lower part of the finca. She came to show us the other lots on sale with 2 nice houses. We’re doing our best to help her find some buyers. Step by step we will build a vivid community in this place. 

She also showed us a curvy road (we knew about the existence of a path there but didn’t know it was a proper 3m wide road!) that joins the lower part of the finca with a road in front of us. 

Our vegetable garden is thriving! After 2 months from planting, we have abundant ripe and delicious veggies on our table every day and we already know we could never go back to buying veggies in a supermarket.

And last but not least, we are preparing the tree garden, a park next to the house. It will be spiral-shaped with paths among the trees and berries. And both slopes are getting prepared and shaped to become little forests. Can’t wait to plant the trees, which we will initiate in 2 weeks during our next event! We are inviting a lot of friends to come around and do it with us and celebrate too. Seems that we will gather a nice group of nature enthusiasts. Looking forward to it a lot.

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  1. Oliwier Skura

    So much space and green. I’m used to living in a city that those pictures look like from a different world.

    (PS. comment section lets me type only in all caps, weird.)


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